REACH OUT, aims to bring the community together, ensuring those most in need are able to access support during this specific time. The support given, includes face to face provision, a food bank service, both mobile and centre based delivery and digital support. 

Food bank sessions and support drop ins run on Thursday mornings from 9.30 to 11.30, if you require outreach service please contact us so we can ensure correct measures are put in place.


 The Hope Project/ Children in need !
The hope project is a three year funded programme from children in need and supports the development of building positive relationships with at risk young people, in particular young women who are at risk of sexual exploitation in the honicknowle ward. Sessions run on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3- 4.30pm. Engagement will ensure that young women are provided with support in order to build resilience, reduce risks and improve their mental health. Sessions include various modules and workshops including, CSE, Sexual health, consent, online safety, healthy relationships, mental health, everyday skills and career pathways and much more!


OASIS- Parents Café (Outreach 4 Autism Support and Information sharing) is a new project for parents/carers whose children have Autism or additional needs, or are yet to have it recognized. The session runs every Wednesday morning from 9.30-11.30am, and provides a space where you can come along to share or start your journey, find out more information, invite speakers on topics that are important to you or, get out and have something FOR YOU!


Bump and Beyond is a project which focusses on working with young parents and expectant mothers. It is delivered in two strands across the city these being; centre based and mobile, "outreach delivery".The aim of B&B is to enable younger mothers to develop the confidence to engage in activities within their community and bridge the gap between youth provision and further learning opportunities. we also strive to help those to adjust to responsibilities of independent living, develop new skills and look to a brighter future filled with opportunities. Sessions are supported by geust speakers, such as hosuing officers, health visitors, and nurse practitioners and also crèche workers for specific sessions to allow mothers to participate in specific workshops and have one to one conversations and work at ease; enabling some "me time" to be with others and learn.

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Project Funders

For more information on The peoples Health Trust and to explore how they support millions of organisations like ourselves, please visit the link below 


Fusion is funded via CHILDREN IN NEED